Helipult Yamaha MG12
Hind: 13 eur / päev

  • 12 Channels
  • 6 Microphone inputs (XLR/jack) with +48V phantom power (built-In compressor)
  • 3-Band EQ
  • High-pass filter and 26 dB pad switch
  • 2 Stereo inputs (jack) with 2 band EQ
  • XLR output
  • Group bus output
  • 2 AUX-Way on each channel
  • Dimensions: 308 x 118 x 422 mm
  • Weight: 4.0 kg

Helipult Mackie 1402
Hind: 15 eur / päev

  • 14 Channels
  • VLZ 4 Onyx mic preamps
  • 6 Mono microphone/ line inputs (XLR/ jack)
  • 4 Stereo line inputs (jack)
  • 2 Stereo Aux returns
  • 2 Aux sends
  • 6 Inserts
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Low cut filter 18 dB
  • PFL
  • 48V phantom power
  • Integrated power adaptor
  • Symmetrical XLR/ jack output
  • Mõõdud:(LxKxS): 356 x 81 x 329 mm
  • Kaal: 4.5 kg

Helipult Behringer UB1204FX-PRO
Hind: 10 eur / päev

  • Studio-grade stereo FX processor with 100 presets 
  • 3-band EQ plus switchable low-cut filter on all mono channels
  • 4 Mic Preamps with 130 dB dynamic range for 24-bit, 192 kHz sampling rate inputs
  • 8 balanced high-headroom line inputs with +4/-10 level selection on stereo channels

DJ-pult Pioneer DJM-350
Hind: 15 eur / päev

  • Two channel DJ mixer
  • Selectable MIC/AUX channel
  • Rekordbox Music Management Software 
  • Comprehensive Midi Compatibility 
  • Directly record to USB devices as Wav Files
  • Four types of effects: Crush, Filter, Gate, Jet
  • Isolated 3-band equalizer
  • Digital conversion for higher fidelity sound
  • Kaal: 3,2 kg

DJ-pult Pioneer DJM-400
Hind: 12 eur / päev

  • Two channel DJ mixer
  • Equalization and 7 Onboard Effects
  • Robot, Filter, Flanger, Echo & More
  • Intelligent 24-bit/96 kHz Sampler
  • Andmed tootja veebilehel

DJ-pult Behringer DDM-4000
Hind: 10 eur / päev

  • 32-bit, with beat-synchronized sampler, 4 multi-FX sections, 2 BPM counters, digital crossfader and MIDI
  • 4 Phono/Line stereo channels allowing up to 8 signal sources to be connected simultaneously
  • 2 microphone inputs with Gain, EQ, Talk function and FX
  • 4 stereo channels with Gain, programmable parametric 3-band EQ with Kill function, fader curve control and flexible crossfader assignment
  • Fully featured MIDI controller for your DJ software
  • Sophisticated sampler with beat-controlled loop function
  • Ral-time pitch control, sampler FX and crossfader start option
  • 2 freely assignable and BPM-synchronized, high-quality FX engines (Bitcrusher, Resonator, Reverb, Flanger, etc
  • Ultra-fast, and accurate BPM counters for automatic BPM synchronization of sampler, FX, crossfader and external drum machines, etc. via MIDI
  • Digital crossfader with flexible curve adjustment, reverse button and automatic, BPM-sync crossfading
  • Dual-mode crossfader with innovative frequency-selective crossfading
  • Dedicated headphones section includes PFL mix/split and bass/snare boost functions
  • Recall your last mixer setting at the push of a button
  • Digital S/PDIF output for direct recording of your performance
  • Andmed tootja kodulehel

Dj-kontroller – Pioneer DDJ-SB2
Hind: 8 eur / päev

  • Serato Lite tarkvara allalaetav https://serato.com/dj/lite
  • Hit the top 4 rubber pads to trigger Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler, and the bottom 4 for immediate access to Play, Cue, Sync and Shift
  • The DDJ-SB2 features large, low-latency jog wheels to give you great scratch response and accuracy
  • Use the trim knob and level meters to quickly check and adjust the input volume on each channel
  • Independent low/high pass filter dials are inherited from the premium DDJ-SX2 and DDJ-SR controllers
  • Hit Filter Fade to add 2 high pass filters to the crossfader so you can manipulate both the volume and bass filters with one hand for effortless mixes. That leaves the other hand free to get creative with loops, cue, samples and FX
  • Andmed tootja veebilehel